About Us

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS, the world’s best professional platform committed to organizing international conferences and publishing new scientific innovations in the diverse fields of science and technology. LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS core idea is to showcase the latest innovative and cutting-edge research and addresses the challenges with possible best solutions for the wellbeing of our present and future generations.

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS are the best avenues for friendly and effective research-oriented discussions. We bring people together across the world without any barriers to sharing views and professional interactions; undoubtedly will give the best experience. Our conventions will have Invited Talks, Scientific Sessions, Workshops, Poster Presentations, Exhibitions, B2B meetings, Networking Sessions, etc.

As part of encouraging young researchers, we have a special session, the Young Scientist Session. In this session, we invite all the young researchers to participate in the Young Scientist Award


  • To meet world class Professionals

  • To witness expert presentations on latest research innovations

  • Can engage with top Authors, Editors and Contemporary Professionals.

  • For top most collaborations.

  • Global platform to share views and to interact with international professionals

  • Best place for promoting business in our conference exhibitions.

Vision & Mission

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS vision is to evolve as the centre of excellence for professional meetings. To provide the best venue for researchers and entrepreneurs to develop personally and professionally; A place to learn and grow.

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS mission is to provide a world class knowledge hub and networking venue for technology transformation.

Why to attend

Our events are the best venues for friendly and effective research-oriented discussions. We bring people together without any barriers for sharing views and expecting the best solutions for the present challenges and find out new technologies for the wellbeing of our next generations.

We showcase innovative, cutting-edge research on the fundamental roles in addressing the challenges and translational research from academia to industry. Organizing scientific events brings world class Scientists, Academicians, Young Scholars, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, and Graduate Students on one platform. Our events provide global opportunities and support every individual for their professional growth. Our events will have exhibitions, work shops, symposiums along with scientific talks.

What We Do

  • Open Access Publication
  • We will accept full length articles in our peer reviewed open access International journals.
  • Peer reviewed by the experts of the related field.
  • Highly qualified Editorial Board Members
  • Fast review and Publish without any delay
  • Easy to submit –online submission
  • Initial scrutiny by our expert Quality Control and Editorial Team, submit to Peer review process.

Target Audience

Scientists | Researchers | Academicians | Faculty Members | Doctors | Entrepreneurs | Graduate and Post Graduate Students | Pharmaceutical Companies | Biotechnology and Health Industry | Clinical and Pathology Labs |International Societies and Associations | Colleges | Universities | Research Institutions | Hospitals etc.

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