Frequently Ask Questions

Send us your abstracts as per the sample template in the abstract submission page or you can directly email to the conference coordinator.

Yes. You may submit more than one presentation or proposal and participate in more than one session either in oral or poster sessions. However, you may present more than two papers during the conference.

Once you submit the abstract, we will let you know the acceptance in 2-4 business days. If you are not receiving the acceptance of the abstract, please contact us directly through email..

All conference registration costs will be listed on the registration page of the Conference website.

Yes, you can … We welcome participants who are not presenting work under the delegate category.

Yes, we have discounts for group participants. For information and discount codes please contact finance secretary in an email.


All cancellations must be sent in writing via e-mail to the conference secretary

Cancellation before 90 days of the conference start date will receive a full refund, less a $100 towards the processing fee..

Cancellations order placed within 90 days of the conference start date is non-refundable but applicable to the upcoming event

Registrations are transferable until April 9, 2022, and any transfer requests after April 9, 2022, are non-transferable

Refunds will be made in the second week after the completion of the conference.

Note: Refund/Cancellation Policy is not applicable if the conference is postponed due to natural disasters or unpredictable activities beyond organizers control including without limitation, force majeure, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial disputes, terrorism, strikes or hostilities. The organizer will provide opportunity for the registered participants to transfer their registration fee and accommodation charges to any future editions or related conferences.

You will get the payment receipt from conference coordinator within 2 to 4 working days.

For further information contact

You can participate in Virtual mode without attending the conference In Person.

Oral Presentation will have 20-25 minutes and each poster presenter will have 10-15 minutes for presentation including Q/A session.

Only English is allowed, If you wish you can get your own translator. Translators will not be available during presentations.

Taking the timelines and technical set up into consideration, using personal laptops are not recommended unless under unavoidable conditions.

A/V equipment will be available in all session rooms. Session organizers are strongly encouraged to collect all presentations on a USB flash drive before the conference and then to arrive early to pre-load these files and test equipment controls. This will help prevent technological delays during the session. Remember to bring your own laptop and connector as well as your presentation on a flash drive.


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