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Paris, the capital of France, also known as the City of Light, is one of the loveliest tourist hotspots of the world. With excellent fine dining, an unparalleled fashion scene, and enormous palaces and castles, you can be sure that all your Paris tours will be different from the next. Walk down flower gardens, or time travel with art museums, this city will mesmerise you with its beauty and charm. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is known worldwide for the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower. It has a reputation of being a romantic and cultural city.

The city is the perfect getaway for loved ones and families alike and is visited by a staggering 85 million tourists every year! There are many factors that make Paris tourism so popular – apart from being the cultural hub of the world, it’s also blessed with pleasant weather through all seasons, and happens to be one of the rare few cities that has managed to maintain its cultural landmarks from the medieval era.

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