Conference Registration

Aspirants who are willing to attend LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS can confirm their slots in their respective categories by registering to the conference. We provide three modes of payment gateways for completing the registration process.

Payment Modes

Online | Paypal | Wire Transfer

Registration Confirmation/Payment Receipt

Once the registration is received from the participant, confirmation is sent to the respective registrant immediately via e-mail.

Payment receipt will be sent in 24 hrs after the payment is done.

Official Invitation Letter

Conference Organizers will sent an Official Invitation Letter, once the registration process is completed. This invitation letter can be used for applying VISA and for applying funds from their respective Universities or Institutions.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If due to a sudden unusual incident and where in a situation unable to transfer the registration to their colleagues, the registered participant can cancel his/her registration.

Speaker/Delegate has the right to avail or demand for the refund.  Refund will be given only after the completion of the conference with the deduction of service charges and the amount will be sent to the registrant account.

The refund policy will be strictly based on the below criteria and no further discussions will be entertained. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Before 60 days— Eligible for 100% refund with service charges deduction

Within 30-60 days — Eligible for 50% refund

Before 30 days —No Refund

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Accommodation Cancellation:

As conference organizers we hire hotels for respective time towards conference venues and for providing accommodation for our delegates.

Therefore we request all the participants who booked especially accommodation, contact us as early a possible maximum with in 30 days of the conference dates for any cancellation or for any changes in the arrival. This is because , hotels will have their own cancelation policies. Hence LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS will advice the cancellation policy of respective hotel, prior to cancelling or amending your booking, to ensure you are fully aware of any non-refundable deposits.

Registration Transfer

Due to sudden unavoidable or busy schedule, registration can be transferred to their colleagues by taking prior confirmation from the respective conference manager by writing an email that includes the substituent name, affiliation, participation category with the payment receipt attachment.

Confirmation will be sent by modifying the payment receipt with necessary changes. The substitute participant has to carry this payment receipt to the conference.

For queries and more details contact:

Registration Postponement

Due to sudden adverse conditions or busy schedule, Registrant speaker/delegate can transfer his/her registration to any one of the related LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS conferences with in one year. No extra registration charges will be taken for postponement. Only the accommodation charges have to paid.

For queries and more details contact:

Program Amendments

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS has the right to amend the program schedule under certain extreme conditions. Final program will be shared to all the participants before the day of the conference. Therefore, we request all the participants to cooperate with us for successful completion of the conference.

Conference Language

All LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS will be organized in English language only. So request all the participants to follow this mandatorily and the Organizer will not accept liability for any inconvenience or failure to attend due to lack of English language knowledge.

Code of Conduct

For security reasons and for access to conference areas, all the registered participants are requested to wear the conference ID cards/Lanyards at all times whilst in the conference venue. In case of lost, please report at the registration desk for the replacement immediately.

Photography & Filming Disclosure

For promotional purposes, LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS uses a professional photographer for photographs and video recording during the conference. Delegates who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should advise the organizers by email to prior to the event.

All unauthorized photography and the recording or transmitting of audio or visual material, data or information is expressly prohibited


Views expressed by speakers/delegates are their own. LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS cannot accept the liability for the views expressed or advice given by any speaker at the conference or in any document provided to fellow participants.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS may use the speaker’s name and presentation materials for promoting delegate attendance at the conference.

Any acknowledgement regarding Copyright or support should be included at the end of the abstract/presentation, as these will be distributed to the conference delegates.

Speakers who do not wish to give permission for the above terms and conditions.

Please email before the commencement of the conference.


LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS and the venue management cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal property.


Keeping in view of strict instructions for processing VISA, we recommend all the participants to apply VISA at the earliest to avoid last minute hustle. We advice the participants to apply for Business VISA to attend our conferences at least 45 days prior immediately after the completion of the registration process.

Travel – Health Insurance

Registration fee will not include any kind of insurance. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to arrange appropriate insurance cover prior to attend the conference. You are advised to take insurance for you and your accompanying person for the duration the Conference and your travel to and from the Conference.

Speaker Guidelines & Benefits

  • Presentation will be in English Language only.
  • Presentation by Power point with 15-20 Slides
  • Duration of the presentation is 30 min (25 min presentation and 5 min for discussion)
  • Stick to the time allocated for your presentation and cooperate with the session Chair.
  • Presentation topic should be related to the theme of the conference
  • Make sure the slides are readable. Use clear font and visible size.
  • Speaker should check-in with the session organizer/onsite coordinator BEFORE the presentation session begins.  Presentation Slides should be loaded into the conference Laptop/desktop prior to the conference start up and after the presentation it will be deleted from our system. A/V equipment will be set up in the conference room before the presentation.
  • Slides, Videos or any graphical representation in the presentations should be compatible or else speaker can give presentation in their own lap tops with prior intimation so that necessary arrangements can be made.
  • Your Abstracts will be posted on the conference website, conference proceeding journals and other printed marketing materials. So please make sure the content is concise, accurate and clear before submitting the abstracts. All abstracts are subjected to peer review and are expected to meet the standards of academic/scientific excellence.
  • Presenting Authors need to include their complete correspondence details in the submitted abstract (mailing address, office phone number, email address and fax number). Along with Corresponding Author if present and other authors details along with their University/Institutional Affiliation details
  • Digital Object Identification (DOI) number will be issued  in the conference proceeding journal to all the accepted abstracts by Crossref
  • Because of the high quality of our speakers, we promote our speakers and their profile on our website and social media.
  • LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS will not provide speaker honorariums or reimburse for expenses.

Poster Guidelines

  • All presenting posters should summarize the research information concisely and attractively
  • Size of the poster should be 1m X 1m
  • Title should draw interest so keep be short and clear title.
  • Text should be clear and to the point.
  • Word count of about 300 to 600 words
  • Use bullets, numbering, and highlighting headlines makes the poster easy to read and differentiate
  • Effective use of graphics, color and fonts
  • Overall the poster should be Consistent and clean layout
  • Presenting Authors need to include their complete correspondence details in the Poster (mailing address, office phone number, email address and fax number). Along with Corresponding Author and other author details are also mandatory.
  • Poster should include acknowledgments and institutional affiliation

Video Presentation

  • Due to busy schedule / lack of funding for attending conference/sudden changes in the program schedule, LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS provides an opportunity to present in the conference by Video Presentation mode.
  • Speakers has to submit a 30 min prerecorded presentation related to the theme of the conference with good clarity in voice and video. This presentation will be played during the scientific session in your absence.
  • For registering to the video presentation, first speaker has to submit abstract and after acceptance, need to send a recorded presentation to our respective conference managers.
  • Registration price for Video presentation is 100 USD
  • Soft copy of the Video Presentation certificate will be mailed to the respective speaker. On request to receive the certificate hard copy to your postal address, extra 50 USD  has to be paid.

Exhibitor Guidelines and Benefits

  • LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS are the best plat forms for networking and new business collaborations.
  • Can avail a 30 min Special Session in the first day of the conference for introducing your company and the product/services
  • One complimentary registration, two representatives can attend our conferences on one exhibitor registration.
  • Excellent place to showcase your products and services as the conference attendees has the chance to visit the booths 2-4 times in day.
  • One exhibit booth (Size-3X3 sqm).
  • Promotion and recognition of the Exhibitor company Logo and company profile in the respective scientific program, website, social media, Conference banner, brochures and flyer.
  • One A4 flyer insert in the conference kit.
  • Can avail an opportunity to sponsor One Poster Presentation Award.
  • Can avail attendees mailing list at Post conference

Media Partner

  • In order to establish a good networks, collaborations and company promotions, conference is the best venue where both international academia and industry professionals meet. Therefore, LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS invites for media partnership with mutual benefits.
  • Media partnership offers branding, company logo promotion in all our social media, website, conference brochures and other related media and distribution of your company profile flyer during the conference along with our conference kit.
  • Company logo with size 300 X 150 and company website link will be promoted in our website and social sites.
  • Complimentary to this, you should promote our company logo (size 300 X 150) and website link in your website and social media.
  • No registration fee is charged against this partnership, only mutual promotions of company profile in our websites.
  • But for distribution of the company profile flyer at the conference venue will be charged. Cost will be communicated in the e mail based on the number of flyers.
  • For confirmation of the media partnership, scanned copy of the approval letter on the respective company letter head with duly signed by the section head.


LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS welcomes SPONSORSHIP opportunities in three categories i.e., ELITE , GOLD and SILVER sponsorships to the companies/industries/associations across the world for company promotion, networking and global collaborations.

ELITE SPONSOR : sponsorship charges will be 10000 USD

  • Two complimentary registrations with accommodation for two days for any 3 related conferences for one year.
  • A special session for 45 min in our first day scientific program of the conference.
  • A free exhibition booth in any two conferences related to the sponsor profile for one year.
  • Recognition of the Sponsor company logo and profile in all our promotional banners and flyers.
  • Sponsors company logo and profile promotions in all our social media and website
  • Bag inserts
  • Recognition of the Sponsor logo in all delegate certificates for one year in all LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS conferences.

GOLD SPONSOR:  sponsorship charges will be 7500 USD

  • Two complimentary registrations with accommodation for two days for any 2 related conferences.
  • A special session in two related conferences for 45 min in our first day scientific program of the conference.
  • A free exhibition booth in any one conference related to the sponsor profile..
  • Recognition of the Sponsor company logo and profile in our website, social media, promotional banners and flyers.
  • Bag inserts

SILVER SPONSOR : sponsorship charges will be 5000 USD

  • One complimentary registration with accommodation for two days for any one related conferences.
  • A special session in two related conferences for 45 min in our first day scientific program of the conference.
  • A free exhibition booth in any one conference.
  • Recognition of the Sponsor company logo and profile in our social media, website promotional banners and flyers.

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