Antonio Steardo

Pharmaceutical and Professional Consultant, Naples, Italy

Analytical commodity chemist expert in pharmaceutical synthesis


Antonio Steardo is a pharmacist expert in private pharmacy management, clinical research development, pharmacovigilance, profit, and revenue optimization; an Analytical commodity chemist expert in pharmaceutical synthesis with particular attention to pharmaceutical synthesis according to pharmacodynamics aspects. Competent pharmacist with practical experience in pharmacy based on the results of retail as well as outpatient clinical services. Established professional in pharmacy practice specializing in direct patient care, staff education, and implementation of patient and medical services programs. Expert in every branch of general medicine; with proven ability to understand the practice of pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial pharmaceutical synthesis, and advanced pharmaceutical chemical analysis with a focus on pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics. He possesses an exceptional work ethic and unwavering dedication to the patient’s health by consolidating excellent results for his treatment.

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