Dr. Ashima Vohra

Professor, University of Delhi, India



Dr. Ashima Vohra is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi, India. She has her expertise in yeast enzymes, in particular, phytase, wherein she has shown that supplementation of animal feed with phytase results in improved growth and phosphorus assimilation. She had also conducted extensive research on yeasts isolated from traditional Indian fermented foods as a source of probiotics. Evaluation of the probiotic attributes along with the mechanism of action of the probiotic yeasts and preparation of a highly nutritious dairy product suggests the possible role of these yeasts in improving human and animal health. She has published several research papers and review articles in peer-reviewed journals and has three patents to her credit. She has presented her work at several National and International Conferences. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Award, Govt. of India.

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