Dr. Bhanu Prakash

Scientist, Institute of Nano Science and Technology, INDIA

Title: Microfluidic devices: from fabrication to applications in nanotechnology



Over the recent years, microfluidics has emerged as a powerful technique for the synthesis of different nanostructures providing greater control over the shape and size, where later they are functionalized or loaded with different chemical or biological entities, especially for sensing and medical diagnostics. The uniformity and dispersity of the particles depend upon the reactor design, flow rate of reagents, diffusion rate and other reaction conditions.

We have demonstrated different ways to fabricate rapid and cost-effective microchannels while avoiding the extensive use of sophisticated, time consuming and costly lithographic processes. Different ways to fabricate planner (in 2D plane) microchannels and 3D microchannels are demonstrated in the present work. A glimpse of variety of nanostructures synthesized using microfluidic approach will be provided. Special emphasis will be given to the microfluidically synthesized biocompatible nanobowl infused core–shell like microstructures for drug delivery applications.

Keywords: Microfluidic reactor; fabrication; core-shell nanostructures; drug delivery.


Heading the microfluidics research laboratory, Dr. Bhanu Prakash is working as a Scientist at Institute of Nano Science and Technology Mohali in the Quantum Material and Devices Unit. He holds a bachelor degree from Delhi University and Master Degree from IIT Kanpur and completed his PhD from Panjab University.His research work exploits the interface of Physics and engineering of microfluidic devices. The research is focused on experimental microfluidics and micro-nano fabrication for device applications. Apart from exploring fundamental flow physics, his research group is working on novel routes for microreactor (microfluidic devices) fabrication, nanostructures synthesis and applications related to energy & environment, sensors and biomedical devices for healthcare.

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