Dr. Delik Gabaev

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Russian Federation Topic: One Possible Cause of

Title: One Possible Cause of Neurodegenerative Diseases is Bone Decalcification and Genetic Engineering in its Prevention



In 1981 before awakening I had a dream that on a corner of a house I would meet a good acquaintance of mine. 11 hours later, coming to that house I found myself in an invisible corridor, from which I could turn neither to the left nor to the right, and in fact on the corner I met that person. Analyzing this incident, I realized that this was a clue from on high. Quite quickly I came to the idea that the mechanism of this case can be explained by the theory of relativity. For a moving body, time slows down, and for a motionless (sleeping) body, time accelerates. It gets into another time dimension and it is easier for it to grasp future information. After that, I thought about how it could happen, because it is a very weak signal from the future and it is difficult for it to reach the neurons of the brain through the closed eyes to the occipital area and to be fixed there in the memory. The first possible explanation of this phenomenon was the assumption that the cone-shaped shape of the human head may help to reduce the resistance to the signal from the future. At that time, it was already known that inside the pyramids the temperature of the onset of superconductivity increases. However, rather quickly I gave up this idea, as many people see the clairvoyant dreams. And suddenly, after I reached the age of sixty, it dawned on me: what if the bones of the skull, protecting the brain from any interference, including electromagnetic radiation, contribute to high conductivity of neurons. I knew from school physics lessons that resistance to electric current in conductors arises from the collision of conduction electrons with vibrating nuclei of molecules, and their oscillation can arise under the influence of electromagnetic field. Consequently, by fencing off the electromagnetic field, we remove vibrations of molecule nuclei and thereby reduce resistance to the signal in neurons. To test this idea, I bought a pig’s leg at the market and after releasing the bone and drilling holes in both ends, I inserted a conductor into it, having previously measured its resistance to electric current. Fortunately, the instrument showed a slight decrease in the resistance to electric current, but I did not rest there and began to think about how to make these measurements more evident. Almost immediately I had the idea to cover conductors with bone glue (similar in composition to skull bones), with which carpenters glued wooden products in the last century. Fortunately for me there was a packet with pellets of such glue at home, and I conducted a series of experiments with it and some additives, which showed a significant reduction of resistance to electric current in conductors coated with these compositions. In addition to the positive influence of the skull bones on receiving a weak signal from the future, this phenomenon is most likely facilitated by the sleep phase – rapid eye movement. It has long been known that during this phase the main functions of the body are inhibited and do not distract the body from the main thing – receiving information about future events. It is possible that a person’s sixth sense – intuition – is also connected with sleep, but not of the whole body – but of some parts of the brain. The dormant state of some parts and even half of the brain has long been known. Most likely, decalcification of all the bones, including the scoop box, weakens the protection against the impact of the electromagnetic field on neurons and the oscillations of nuclei in the axoplasm of neurons increase the resistance to the signal passing through them. Hence the bouquet of diseases associated with the brain. To protect against electromagnetic fields A. Chizhevsky in the last century recommended to close treatment rooms with metal sheets shielding electromagnetic fields. Genetic engineering could be another way of curing the negative effects of the external environment, including electromagnetic radiation. In the case of genome inversion, morphogenesis and decalcification are reversed, and in the case of hardened DNA, the disease is completed at a mild stage.

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