Prof. Gobin Chandra Bora

Professor(PBG), AAU, Jorhat, India

Plant Breeding & Genetics


Dr. G C Bora did his M.Sc(Agri.) in Plant Breeding & Genetics from Assam Agril. University, Jorhat in 1987. He attained Ph.D.  in 1995 in Plant Breeding with Vegetable Breeding as a field of specialization from CCS Haryana Agril. University, Hisar. The thesis was entitled to be ‘Genetic diversity, phenotypic stability and gene effects in faba bean (Vicia faba L)’. Started his service carrier as Sr. Tech. Asstt. in the AICRP on Vegetable Crops, AAU, Jorhat in 1987 and promoted to Jr.Veg. Breeder in 1988. Did Ph. D. during 1992 – 1995 as stated above and on completion joined as Asstt Professor in Plant Breeding & Genetics, BNCA, Biswanath Chariali in 1995 and transferred to Sugarcane Research Station (SRS), Buralikson as Asstt. Breeder in 1996. Promoted to Sr. Breeder in SRS in 1997. Transferred and elevated to Principal Investigator in AICRP on Veg. Crops, AAU, Jorhat in 2008. He had been working on maize and pearl millet other than vegetable crops in RARS, Gossaigaon from 2014 to 2016. He has come to AAU, Jorhat as Professor in 2016. So far he has developed and released a number of sugarcane and vegetable varieties which have become popular not only in Assam and North East but also throughout the country. Undergone a number of state and national level advanced training on Plant Breeding & Genetics and a foreign training on ‘Advanced management practices towards sustainable use of plant genetic resources held at Wageningen International, The Netherlands in 2007. Presented a number of research papers on sugarcane and vegetable crops in the national and international seminar/symposium (s) held in India and abroad. Presented a number of Research Papers on vegetable crops at the International Symposium held in Turin, Italy in 2013. Published more than 80 research papers, 60 popular articles, 3-edited books, 7 bulletins, and 2 Prasar Patrikas. He is probably the first person in India to edit a village ‘Itihash’ of the birth village.

He is having a strong social hold in the state of Assam, particularly in the West Jorhat area. For his meritorious service, outstanding performance, and remarkable role in education, research, and social activities he has been offered a most honorable and prestigious award ‘Bharat Jyoti’ by the India International Friendship Society, New Delhi in 2008 and ‘Bharat Siksha Ratan Award’ by Global Society for Health and Educational Growth, New Delhi in 2013. He has been given the ‘Research Excellence Award, 2018’ at the national level by the Samagra Vikash Welfare Society. In the recent past, he was involved in the improvement of vegetable crops under AICRP on Veg. Crops particularly for the development and release of superior vegetable varieties and hybrids, the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Agriculture and Horticulture Science, and acting as external examiner in various state and national agricultural universities of the country. Recently, he has identified 27 vegetable varieties and 3 maize hybrids out of which 10 have been nationally released and others are in the pipeline of release. He is the first scientist in AA U to develop hybrids in vegetable crops, particularly in okra. He was working on the national projects on sugarcane, maize, and vegetable crops and now has state projects on ‘Protection of plant varieties and farmers rights’ under PPVFRA and Varietal Improvement program in brinjal for the organic farming situation in AAU, Jorhat. A total of 7 M.Sc and 1 Ph.D. student have passed out and 2 M Sc and 2 Ph.D. students are doing research under his major guidance. He is a reviewer of a number of national and international journals like DRJAFS, IJAPR, IJVS, VS, SABRAO Journal, and JFCN and is a member of the editorial board of the ‘Journal of Agriculture and Food Science’ – A peer-reviewed foreign (African) international Journal. He is a life member of many scientific societies and has been awarded National Fellow by ISGPB, SAP, and ISVS. He has been running two trusts in honor of his father and mother in terms of awards viz., “Kalia Bora Pragatisil Krishak Bota” and “Dalimi Bora Saikshik Preranamulak Bota” in his birthplace particularly at Borkhangia and West Jorhat Area. Now he is working as a Sr. Professor in the Dept. of PBG, AAU, Jorhat.

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