Dr. Gene Fry

Director, Massachusetts utility commission, USA

Energy Efficiency & Global Warming Consultant, USA


Dr. Gene Fry grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  He completed his Ph.D in Resource Economics from Cornell University in 1989. He was Director of Policy and Planning for the Maine Energy Office, then Economist in the Electric Power Division of the Massachusetts Utility Commission for 13 years His research there focused on the economics of home solar water heating and the economics of nuclear power plants as they age.  His findings were published in Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Land Economics, and the Energy Journal.  At Cornell, he also met his wife, a PhD environmental educator.  They now live outside a small town in central Massachusetts, featuring forests, hills, and farms.

He was policy director at the Maine energy office in 1988-89.  There, among other things, he developed and carried out a commercial-industrial energy use survey.  In 1990 he joined the Electric Power Division at the Massachusetts utility commission.  There he served 13 years as an economist.  He spent half his time there on energy efficiency programs, analyzing savings estimates and reviewing program plans.  He helped assure that Massachusetts programs were among the best in the world. In a 1991 case to assign damage costs to air pollution, he was point person for greenhouse gases (plus analysis for sulfates, particulates, and carbon monoxide).  He reviewed scores of studies on the evidence for global warming, air pollution, and their consequences.  His own unpublished research was on global temperatures as a function of solar activity, atmospheric opacity, and greenhouse gases.

During 2009-11, he managed evaluations of energy efficiency programs for Western Massachusetts Electric Company and Connecticut Light and Power.  In that capacity, he worked with many researchers across New England and elsewhere.  In 2004, he did some analysis for two savings evaluation studies.

His Research Interests includes Climate, Climate Change, and Energy…

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