Dr. Habibullo I. Abdussamatov

Head of the Space Research laboratory, Russia

Pulkovo observatory of the RAS


Habibullo I. Abdussamatov: born October 27, 1940, in Samarkand. Education: Samarkand State University (1962), faculty of physics and mathematics; graduate courses in Leningrad State University (1965-1967); postgraduate course in Pulkovo Observatory of the RAS (1966-1969). He works in Pulkovo Observatory since 1964: researcher trainee, junior researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher, and head of the Space Research laboratory. Now – head of the Space Research Sector of the Sun and head of the Lunar Observatory project for monitoring and researching of the Earth’s energy imbalance and climate. He first time directly detected the observed TSI quasi-bicentennial variation. Also in 2003-2005, he first time scientifically substantiated the start of a new Maunder-type Grand Deep Minimum for both solar activity and TSI in 2042±11 with followed by the start of a deep global temperature minimum in 2070±11, which are justified. He is featured on page 140 of the 2009 U.S. Senate Report of More Than 700 Dissenting Scientists Over Man-Made Global Warming. The European Scientific Industrial Chamber in 2013 awarded him with a gold medal and presented him a DIPLOMA DI MERITO for exceptional achievements (No. 0188). He is the author of some 200 publications, including four scientific monographs and the Book chapter “The New Little Ice Age has started”, also seven scientific patents.

Research Interests includes: Solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, climate change, global warming, and Little Ice Age

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