Dr. Indranil Sarkar

Associate Professor, Institute of Nano Science and Technology, INDIA

Title: Development of nanostructured Heusler alloy platforms for spintronic application



Heusler Alloys (HA) are an exceptional class of intermetallic magnetic alloy having high magnetic transition temperature, high spin polarization and low magnetic damping that has immense application in spintronics. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of this exciting material class and present our recent research work towards development of thin films and nanoparticles of Heulser alloys. The presentation will reveal how electrochemical methods can be employed to develop HA thin films and discuss their magneto-optical and ultrafast magnetization behavior. Also a novel scheme for developing highly structurally ordered HA nanocrystals will be discussed. Furthermore, the possibility of concomitantly tuning their magnetic property of HA nanocrystals for magneto thermal application will be discussed.


Development of low energy electronic materials and novel spintronic platforms. Electronic and magnetic structure engineering by nano-structuring.Study of structure –property relationship using magnetization, transport, spectroscopic and synchrotron based methods.

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