Dr Iva Rezic

Associate Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Title: Nanotechnology based antimicrobial and antiviral materials


Dr Iva is the Vice- Dean for Scientific Research, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb. She leads the independent research group for synthesis and characterization of metallic nanoparticles. Dr Iva has two PhDs and expertise in material science and characterization, nanotechnology. Dr Iva received her first PhD degree with the aid of Austrian Scholarship from Institute of analytical chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria in Natural sciences – Chemistry – Analytical chemistry, 2007. She received her second PhD from technical Sciences, Faculty of Textile Technology in 2009 from University of Zagreb. Her research interests includes Complex Systems Optimization, Materials Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology. Dr Iva is an independent researcher, a project manager and a group leader, as well as an active member of the Croatian and European scientific community. Dr Iva is the Editor-in-chief of a scientific journal, the editor of four journals, and a reviewer for 31 scientific journals and international projects. Dr Iva published more than 54 papers, one university handbook and four book chapters.

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