Dr. Krishna Singh Arya

Ambassador, SDG Champion, Emotional Health & Social Wellbeing, India

Global Educator,Sustainability Ambassador, SDG Champion, Emotional Health & Social Wellbeing-Mentor


Dr. Krishna Singh Arya is a Global Educator, Sustainability Ambassador, SDG Champion, and Emotional Health & Social Wellbeing-Mentor. He relentlessly works toward Sustainable Development Goals through various social initiatives on Zero Hunger, Education, Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, Clean Water & Sanitation. He holds Doctoral Degree in Humanities & Sciences, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. He is on the Board of several Social organizations and Educational Institutions that help to address socio-economic issues by involving youth, using science and technology & creative education. Has received THREE prestigious national awards; Indian Achievers Award 2021, Inspiring Indians Award 2022 & Rashtra Prerna Award 2022 for distinguished contributions towards sustainable social development and nation building.

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