Dr. Lama Saad EI-Din Mahmoud

October 6 University, Egypt

Title: Effect of Virtual Reality Kinect Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients with Unilateral Spatial Neglect



Unilateral spatial neglect is a disabling condition frequently occurring after stroke. People with neglect suffer from various spatial deficits in several modalities, which in many cases impair everyday functioning. A successful treatment is yet to be found. Several techniques have been proposed in the last decades.

Purpose: To investigate the extent to which the use of virtual reality as an effective treatment technique for patients experiencing unilateral spatial neglect after stroke.

Subjects: Thirty patients experiencing unilateral spatial neglect after stroke.

Methods: Patients were randomly assigned to the two groups; a study group and control group. The study group received virtual reality kinect rehabilitation and conventional treatment for eight weeks and control group received conventional treatment using behavioral rehabilitation methods of physical therapy. The disorder was diagnosed with pen-and-paper methods, Catherine Bergego Scale (CBS) and recently, promising new methods based on virtual reality.

Results: There was a high significant difference between study and control groups as p-value was (0.0001) which indicated that study group shows improvement more than control group, and there was correlation between line cancellation task, the CBS and the VR repetitions.

Conclusion: This study revealed that eight weeks of the virtual reality rehabilitation for every patient was a beneficial therapeutic technique on unilateral spatial neglect in stroke patients.

Key Words: Spatial Neglect, Stroke, Virtual Reality, Rehabilitation.


Dr. Lama Saad El-Din presently working as lecturer, Department of Neuromuscular Disorder and its surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, October 6 University, Egypt. Earlier she worked as neurological consultant, physical therapy out patient clinic, October 6 university hospital. She received doctoral degree in the year 2018 from the Cairo University. Her research prime objective is to improve the neurological rehabilitation and add advanced knowledge in therapeutic modalities for neurological and neurosurgery Disorders.

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