Dr Lavinia Balan

Research Director - CNRS.,FRANCE


Currently Dr Balan is working as Research Director at CNRS, France. Dr Lavinia BALAN obtained her PhD degree from the University Henry Poincare in Nancy, France, in 2005. She joined the Department of Photochemistry (DPG) of Mulhouse in 2006 as a CNRS Senior Researcher. She initiated a new field of research in this laboratory, viz. the photo assisted synthesis of metal nanoparticles and metal-polymer nanocomposite materials. Since December 2009, Prof Balan joined the Institute of Materials Science of Mulhouse (IS2M) CNRS-LRC 7228. Her lines of research are concerned with (photo) chemical synthesis of metal/polymer nanocomposites and design, customization and characterization of metal nanoparticles and nanocrystals (quantum dots) suited for advanced applications in the fields of optic, photonics, plasmonics, information storage, imaging or biology. Prof Balan, Published more than 200 paper in various higly indexed international journals, 5 book chapters and 5 patents. Prof Balan research interests include Lavinia BALAN is interested in the fields of Nano materials and Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Chemistry and Photochemistry.

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