Dr. Mary Fuller

Citizen Scientist, Sustainable Development, Daventry, UK



Self-introduction: Dr. MARY FULLER, BORN 1953,  I am 69yrs young. Conservation in childhood was my aim, but now we must conserve life Flora, Fauna, and humans on this planet After considerable results at School, life intervened and it was not until I was 55yrs I returned to education. Three years at Northampton University Land and conservation management, where one Module fired me in Sustainable Development. As a mature student I had read the books, now being taught again. That was followed by Two years of distance learning at Highlands and Islands specific to Sustainable Development I have my own theory, many years in formulating regarding how we have been taught. That is rather than the norm. where economics, social policy the environment is taught in that order. It requires reversing and the environment should be considered ahead of other priorities. And if the past few years especially the last three have taught us anything. The economic cost to nations regarding climate change is now exacerbated and becoming extreme. Water, food, and shelter, when flooded, Rivers drained killing wildlife, houses burnt to the ground? That is now or should be the turning point where the environment comes first, the economics of the situation, and the fiscal need to review. I have a solution. I work tirelessly to put my view across and encourage individuals to view lifestyle. I feel it is important, that whilst we need a top-down approach from governments, there must be a real bottom-up approach to such issues. I can only speak for my country, whilst realizing whatever we achieve here can affect others, far afield. All I can say is suddenly these minor two days of excessive, heat in the UK have woken up the debate. There are young people at the moment shocked by the sudden situation, hardly a “perfect” storm. More like a tornado. Many factors Scientists are now being told you did not do enough; I question that when nobody appeared to be wanting to listen. I can only classify myself as a citizen Scientist, whilst there is a lifetime of knowledge. 

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