Dr. Nam-Sun Paik

Dr. Nam Sun Paik,
Ewha Medical Center, Korea


Nam-seon Paik, head of the International Medical Center at Ewha Medical Center (former director of Ewha Womans Cancer Hospital), one of the best names for breast cancer, was selected as a medical field master of ‘Korea’s Best Master’.The Best Masters of Korea is hosted by Challenging Koreans (Standing Representative Jo Young-kwan), who selects and awards people who have attained the best position by devoting their blood, sweat, and passion to one field for decades.This year’s awards ceremony was recently held at the Korea Press Center. The winners are selected through a rigorous and rigorous judging by 30 judges for each field. Director Paik Nam-seon graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine and served as the president of Konkuk University Hospital and the Nuclear Energy Hospital.

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