Dr. Partha Roy

Associate Professor, Adamas University, INDIA

Title: Drug associated liver problems: Nanomedicine solutions



Drug-associated liver injury (DILI) is a serious health concern leading to either acute or chronic liver dysfunctions. It not only affects patients but also poses a serious challenge for clinicians, regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industries. Pubmed specific search on DILI reveals over 150000 reports from the year 2000 – till date with incidences presented by over 1100 drugs. The exact mechanism of DILI is still ambigious but mostly linked to drug or its metabolite induced hepatotoxicity or adverse immune reactions. Nanotechnological interventions in healthcare have transpired as next-gen solutions for manifold applications intiating from drug delivery, diagnosis, biosensing, lab-on-a-chip to tissue engineering providing improved therapeutic outcomes for hitherto of complex diseases. The technology assists in providing newer insights to understand the physiological problems at sub-micron level. This helps scientific investigators to arrive at facile solutions for long existing problems executing radically diverse strategic ploys.This study is targeted to provide solutions to DILI caused by two commonly used drugs firstly OTC product acetaminophen and macrolide antibiotic azithromycin. DILI associated hepatic dysfunctions caused by these two therapeutics was managed by site directed polymeric nanomedicines loaded with plant derived bioactives. Study findings establish proof-of-concept for a liver-targeted nanomedicine design to mitigate DILI using plant bioactives expedited by cutting edge nano-technology. Value addition of naturally occurring bioactives holds immense clinical possibilities for management of complex clinical conditions like DILI presented by a plethora of therapeutic agents.


Dr. Partha Roy is currently engaged as Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Adamas University and did his Ph.D. from Department of Chemical Technology, University of Calcutta. During his PhD and post-doc tenure he received several fellowships from Indian Council of Medical Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Indo-Hungarian Research fellowship. He also served as an overseas faculty in University Malaysia Pahang, Govt. of Malaysia. Dr. Roy research focuses on nanotechological interventions in healthcare. He has several high impact publications in peer reviewed journals several research awards, travel grants and research funds from national and overseas funding agencies.

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