Dr. Pawan Saharan


Founder CEO: Biomix Network Inc. USA & Biomix Network Limited


Dr. Pawan Saharan, with a vision to provide Health for all, Invented the World’s 1st Immunity Drug to prevent and treat AIDS, Swine Flue & other Immunity problems via Broad Spectrum Antiviral – RECEPTOL® that can be an Answer to Covid-19 based on Common Mode of Action after 18 years of R&D globally involving 25,301 human subjects.

Prestigious Who’s Who American Historical Society (Boston) nominated Dr. Saharan as a World Leader in the healthcare industry responsible for changing the destiny of nations & human race via their creative contribution in the healthcare sector. Dr. Saharan has global experience in running the healthcare industry, including the pharmaceutical MNCs and hospitals at the top management level in India & USA.

Dr. Saharan created the first truly Nano-Bio-IT Helix via inventing Globally Patented Colostrum-based Nano-Peptides for AIDS therapy: RECEPTOL® that can be used for Covid-19 and all viral infections along with reusable micro-chip diagnostics Lab on Chip and AI based Patented Virtual Specialty Hospital. Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, nominated Dr. Saharan for India’s new drug discovery with a funding of INR 120MM (than equal to US$3M) by Dept of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

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