Dr. Rafal Kuzlik

Dr. Rafal Kuzlik,
SaskaMed Clinic, WARSAW, Poland


Rafal Kuzlik MD, PhD, specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. Plastic and reconstructive gynecologist with over twenty years of professional experience. He is endoscopist and oncological surgeon. Specialist in ultrasound imaging. Doctor Rafal Kuzlik received a lot of certificates confirming participation in numerous courses and trainings. He published many scientific papers. Co-author of two books (in Polish): „Plastic Gynecology” and „Physiotherapy after plastic surgical procedures”. Doctor is the author of two new surgery methods in the field of plastic gynecology:”One Cut technique” as simultaneus labia minora and clitoral hood reduction and „Double „O” technique” – reposition of the clitoris. He is also trainer of radio frequency methods in the field of nonsurgical treatment of female genital problems. Owner and principal of SaskaMed Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. Principal of Obs&Gyn Ward in EMC St. Anna Hospital in Piaseczno, Poland. The founder of Polish Academy of Plastic and Reconstractive Gynecology.

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