Dr. Safiya Sana

Al-Badar Dental College and Hospital, India

Orthodontic smile design in modern dentistry



We live in a selfie world where the smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. Smile has also emphasized the features of macro esthetics and micro esthetics in patients. In the orthodontic specialty conventional approach has focused on the patients’ profile as we considered that as an area of esthetic concern. Much of orthodontic treatment planning has been based upon the cephalometric lower incisor position for decades. Orthodontists have realized the importance of the vertical and anteroposterior position of maxillary incisors because of a shift in paradigm from hard tissue to soft tissue and also due to the involvement of interdisciplinary treatment. Vertical and anteroposterior positioning of the maxillary incisors is very important in smile design. Recent development in digital technology led the clinician to measure the lip-tooth relationship and add that into the orthodontic problem list and plan mechanics to improve the smile. This presentation highlights the concept of smile design and gives a broad overview of multitudes of factors and principles that an orthodontist must consider when a patients visits them for the overall enhancement of their smile.


Currently lives in Gulbarga, Karnataka state of India. Received Bachelor of dental surgery and MDS (orthodontics) degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences. Life member of Indian orthodontic society. Worked as an Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Al-Badar Dental College and Hospital, Gulbarga. Worked in King Fahad hospital Saudi Arabia as a specialist. Currently working in Al-Badar dental college and hospital as a Professor. Actively associated in teaching Postgraduates and Undergraduate students in the specialty of Orthodontics. Associated with guidance and supervision of the post-graduate students in the diagnosis, treatment planning as a part of the routine post-graduate training program. Has many national and international publications to my credit. And has been awarded for commitment to developing innovative ideas in teaching technology during pandemics.

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