Dr. Segundo Mesa Castillo

Professor, Institute of Neurology of Havana, Cuba

Scientific Board, Psychiatric Hospital, Havana


Segundo Mesa Castillo a specialist in Neurology, he worked for 10 years in the Institute of Neurology of Havana, Cuba. He has worked in Electron Microscopic Studies on Schizophrenia for 32 years. He was awarded the International Prize of the Stanley Foundation Award Program and for the Professional Committee to work as a fellowship position in the Laboratory of the Central Nervous System Studies, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke under Dr. Joseph Gibbs for a period of 6 months, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC USA, June 5, 1990. At present, he is a member of the Scientific Board of the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana and gives lectures to residents in psychiatry.

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