Dr. Suzana Caetano da Silva Lannes

Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Skills and Expertise: Food Technology, Rheology for Pharmaceutical and Food Products


Dr. Suzana Caetano da Silva Lannes is Associate Professor III at Pharmaceutical Sciences School – University of São Paulo, Brazil. She is a member of the Board of Directors – IUFoST, the Past President of the Brazilian Society of Food Science and Technology-sbCTA, and the Past Director of the Brazilian Association of Scientific EditorsABEC. She has published papers in reputed journals, books, and book chapters, and served as Editor in Chief of the Food Science and Technology journal by 13 years. Develop research works in the Food Science and Technology area, on the following subjects: cocoa and chocolate issues, rheology, physics and structure of foods, development of special and nutritional food formulations, fats & oils

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