Dr. Yusuf Aksu

Nevsehir State Hospital, Turkey

Title: The Relationship Between Splenomegaly and Lung Involvement Patterns and Severity Score in COVID-19 Pneumonia



Background: The disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID -19) is a vital public health problem that has now affected approximately 68,037,473 people and caused 1,552,802 deaths around the world

Purpose: We aimed to correlate the frequency of the lung involvement patterns, the segmental distribution of lung infiltration, and TLSS in COVID-19 pneumonia patients with and without splenomegaly.

Material and Method: This retrospective study included patients that were admitted to our hospital between March 11, 2020 and June 10 2020, and diagnosed with COVID-19 by PCR test with a throat and nasal swab. The thoracic and upper abdomen CTs and the clinical and demographic features of the patients were analyzed at the time of initial diagnosis.

Results: Consolidation (group 1 18 (47%), group 2 69 (28.2%) P = 0017), crazy pavement pattern (15 (39.5%), 42 (17.1%) p = 0.001) pleural band formations (24 (63.2%), 87 (35.5%) p = 0.001) interlobular septal thickening (23 (60.5%), 79 (32.2%) ) p = 0.001) sequelae of secondary tuberculosis (4 (10.5%), 8 (3.3%) p = 0.039) were more frequent in the patient with splemomegaly. The total lung severity score was high in the group with splenomegaly. (7.32 ± 6.15, 3.69 ± 5.16 p = 0.001) )


Dr. Yusuf Aksu presently working as General Radiologist at Dept. Of Radiology, Nevşehir State Hospital Turkey. Earlier he worked as Post-Doctoral Research Erciyes University Medical Faculty Department of Radiology(between 2007-2012). He received doctoral degree in the year 2012 from the Erciyes of University. His research prime objective is to Thoracic imaging, CT MRI and Ultrasound Examinations. To his credit, he has published 7 articles in various international peer reviewed journals.

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