Dr.Zhenhuan Liu

University of Chinese Medicine, China

Title: The Clinical and Experimental on Acupuncture for Children with Cerebral Palsy



Cerebral palsy is a group of persistent central motor and posture development disorders and activity limited syndrome, which is caused by non-progressive brain injury in developing fetus or infant. Cerebral palsy is one of the intractable diseases in children’s nervous system. Its etiology is complex and the pathogenesis is not clear. At present, more and more researches show that cerebrovascular diseases, infection, brain dysplasia, metabolic disorders, autoimmune and coagulation function are often involved in the pathological process of cerebral palsy. With the development of modern medical technology, people pay more and more attention to brain damage of infants, and the consequences are beyond our imagination. The treatment of cerebral palsy is still a worldwide problem, and there is no special medicine and treatment method to cure cerebral palsy. Most scholars believe that long-term rehabilitation training is the most effective way to reduce the disabled rate and improve the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy. Acupuncture has a short history in the treatment of cerebral palsy, but its clinical application has developed rapidly, which has been proved to be an effective treatment method. After a long period of clinical practice and theoretical research, we put forward a method of acupuncture of Jianpi Yishen and Tongdu Xingnao, and putting forward a scientific basis for the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture in the treatment of cerebral palsy through careful design and rigorous clinical and experimental research.


Dr Zhenhuan Liu got the honour of “Model Worker in Nationwide”. In addition, Prof. Liu is also the adjunct professor of The Chinese university of Hong Kong. Professor Liu is famous Pediatric Neurology/Acupuncture Doctor in The world. 30 years has passed since Dept. of Pediatric Neurorehabilitation was founded by Prof. Liu.zhenhuan and his rehabilitation team in 1999, and now it becomes top-ranking and large-scale in China.At present 100 beds are available.This dept. has multi-science including rehabilitation of cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder, early intervention of brain damage syndrome, diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, traditional Chinese medicine therapy and music therapy. Zhen huan LIU. Department of child rehabilitation, Nanhai maternity and children’s Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese medicine Foshan, Guangdong CHINA.

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