Mahin Khatami

The National Institutes of Health, USA

Retired Medical Scientist, National Cancer Institutes (NCI), NIH,USA


Dr. Mahin Khatami earned her PhD on Molecular Biology from Univ. PA (1980), after completion of MA (Biochem), MS (Science Education) and BS (Chemistry) from SUNY at Buffalo and Iran. As research faculty at Univ. PA, she was involved in two major projects; molecular/cellular biology of diabetes complications and models of acute and chronic ocular inflammatory diseases. At NCI/NIH, as Program Director (HSA) her earlier studies became accidental discoveries and highly relevant to cancer research and clinical studies. Since 1998, her challenging efforts to promote the role of inflammation in cancer science which initially met with severe oppositions, denial and rejections by NCI managers, seem awakened the entire cancer community in recent years. Numerous funded projects focus on various topics of immunology/inflammation. She has published an NCI-invention on standardizing cancer biomarkers criteria as foundation of database. Her last position before retiring at Professor level was Director, IMAT Program-OTIR/OD/NCI/NIH. She has published extensively in refereed scientific journals, book chapters, conference proceedings and books.

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