Peter Deri

Co-founder and CEO of the New Live Aid, Hungary

Self-proclaimed environmentalist


Peter Deri is the co-founder and CEO of the New Live Aid, which helps solve the global environmental problems of the Earth and all its inhabitants. Peter is a self-proclaimed environmentalist born in 1995 whose eyes have been opened by the environmental changes he has experienced firsthand, and he uses his studies to help protect the environment.

Keeping the focus on global environmental problems and the Earth’s population, he has used IT, computer engineering, cryptocurrencies, and programming skills for good. The problem to be addressed is lack of awareness and lack of motivation. Together with his brother Peter, he dreamed up a complex system of green activities that would give him the opportunity to reward and encourage people who act green in order to start making a positive impact on a bigger scale.

When he’s not at work, Peter recharges his batteries by learning about nature, cycling, and hiking with his dog and family.

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