Prof. Mahmood Qureshi

Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry & Pakistan Academy of Regenerative Aesthetics, Pakistan

Oral-Facial Renaissance



Introduction: In relentless pursuance of perfection and a definitive solution for long term stability of tissues around dental implants, the author will present an exceptional concept – the ‘Oral & Facial Renaissance’- a unique philosophy encompassing the sequential and codified reversal of the bone back to its original 3-D Engineered Divine Osseo-architecture (com’era, dov’era); by incorporating the 5 in 1 modus operandi: ‘SABIRIN’ (Stable Alveolar Bone Implant Reconstructive Integration Naturally), a major paradigm shift in re-establishing the natural spiritual union of the form and function.

Analysis: Loss of teeth always leads to the shrinkage of the jaw bone at the extraction site with a 50-70% bone loss in height and width over a period of 2-4 years resulting in unaesthetic facial lines, increase in the size of the maxillary sinus, over closure, prognathic appearance, reduced horizontal labial angle of the lip, loss of tone in muscles of facial expression causing functional, anatomical and cosmetic problems. A typical patient, with existing edentulous areas and desiring implant treatment doesn’thave adequate bone to permit implants to be placed into normal root locations. This atrophy is a dynamic functional loss as the bone heals and changes from stress-bearing to non-stress-bearing bone for implant placement.

Methods: SABIRIN components: Bone Renaissance Implant placement with especial Osteotomes, Soft Tissue manipulation, Vascularized Osteotomies, Sinus & Onlay Grafts, Autologous Growth Factors & Stem Cells.

Results: The refurbishment of patients to innate curve, contour, aesthetics, and function is achieved by using SABIRIN components which resurrect the lost contours of hard and soft tissues with long-term, aesthetic predictability.

Discussion: Based on the 25 years of experience, the presenter thoroughly discusses the rationale, gives practical guidelines, and presents surgical maneuvers to rectify hard & soft tissue deficiencies complemented by CGF to enhance facial aesthetics.


Prof. Dr. Mahmood Qureshi is a Founder, President of, Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry & the Pakistan Academy of Regenerative Aesthetics. He is also a Director, MQI- the International Institute of Implant & Reconstructive Surgery and Facial Regenerative Aesthetics.

MQ is one of the acknowledged international mentors and a leading dental implant, oral reconstructive surgery, and Facial Aesthetic Expert. He has developed and modified several surgical techniques and instruments and is the originator of the ‘2 IC’ Universal Concept and ‘SABIRIN’- a unique philosophy of treating untreatable patients. He has developed MQMET – a revolutionary and innovative implant placement system. Founder of the “1-year” post-graduate curricula in Implantology; Editor of the International Journal of “IMPLANTS”; An International course presenter; has lectured extensively & conducted over 1200 professional presentations on Implantology & Facial Aesthetics in 5 continents.

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