Prof. Reshma Karkera

Rajiv Gandhi University, India

Modern Dentistry …During…After Covid-19…Future!!!



A healthy mouth is a great asset, as it is the gateway to a healthy being!!!

Modern dentistry involves both the recent advances in dental knowledge and expertise in modern technology and cutting-edge techniques. The goal of using modern techniques and equipment is to ultimately provide patients with the best dental care and treatment that is efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective. The benefits of modern dental technology and procedures are bountiful. These modern procedures are more efficient, and also accelerate healing time. On the whole, they are a lot more inexpensive than in the previous decades.

Modern dentistry has helped to eliminate the fear and anxiety many patients harbor about dentists and dental treatments. In fact, thanks to all the advances, dentistry as such has come a long way. No longer do patients have to settle for crude and painful procedures. This dental technology boom helps patients to have better experiences when visiting their dentists. Furthermore, these technologies now available allow dentists to accurately pinpoint the problem and use a range of dental arsenal to rectify the problem. With advanced and sophisticated systems it becomes more precise and simpler. A perfect blend of technology and clinical practice can lead to a healthy outcome for both patients and healthcare providers in terms of productivity as well as efficiency. Pandemic got the whole world homebound and dentistry as a profession was severely hit. But thanks to the great ideas and innovations that got seeded and evolved during this pandemic lockdown that we are back with a bang to fight, survive and give our best to our society to flaunt their priceless jewel “SMILE”


Dr. Reshma Karkera presently working as Prof at Dept. Of Prosthodontics, A. J. Institute of Dental Sciences. To her credit, she has published articles in various national and international peer-reviewed journals. Had the privilege to do a short dental clinical course at one of the oldest universities, Otago University, New Zealand.

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