Dr. Sergey Suchkov

Executive Director, Lab of Molecular Immunology Igor Kurchatov National Center for Science and Technologies

Professor in Immunology, Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Russia


Dr. Sergey Suchkov, M, Ph.D., is a Professor in Immunology, Dept. of Pathology, School for Pharmacy, I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy; Executive Director at Lab of Molecular Immunology associated with Hybridoma Technologies and Stem cell research, Igor Kurchatov National Centre for Science and Technologies; Dept of Clinical Immunology, School for Medicine, Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University to cover a lot of responsibilities including research in the area of functional antibodies, mechanisms of synchronization, intertalks between innate and adaptive immunity, and, later on, in the area of Subclinical Diagnostics.

He has been collaborating with scientists from the USA, Japan, Germany, Israel, and other countries to set up a new brand in modern medicine, i.e., Predictive (Personified) Medicine associated with Subclinical Diagnostics.

Apart from the above-mentioned, Dr. Suchkov is a Dean of the Department (Faculty) of The Development and Implementation of the Biomedical Technologies into The Medical Practice, and the First Vice-President of the University of The Business, Politics, and Economy in Moscow.

Dr. Suchkov is an author of more than 500 publications and 10 patents. He is a member of the ARVO

(American Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology), ISER (International Society for

Eye Research), All-Union (from 1992 – Russian) Biochemical Society, All-Union (from 1992 – Russian) Immunological Society.

Dr. Suchkov is a member of the Editorial Boards, “Immunologiya” (Russia), “Open Journal of Autoimmunity” and EPMA Journal.

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