Category of Presentation: Keynote Speaker
Scheduled Date: Day 01, December 09, 2022
Schedule of Talk: Will Update Soon !!

Billie Groom

Biologist & Author , Saskatchewan, Canada.


Billie Groom is an expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT). She earned her honorary master’s degree, and is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University. She is featured in Psychology Today Magazine by renowned biologist, Marc Bekoff, and is a guest on many podcasts and shows, including The Vet Blast/DVM 360, and the LA Tribune Live. Billie was a keynote presenter at the Animal Behaviour Conference 2022 and guest speaker at the University of Regina. She is an award-winning author, podcast host, and successful social entrepreneur for over three decades. Billie has received numerous accolades for her innovative work in canine behaviour and welfare. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and currently resides in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Abstract Title:

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Eliminating Forceful Training Techniques and Preventing Behavioral Euthanasia in Adolescent Dogs.