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Scheduled on: Day 01, December 06, 2022
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Christopher Gajewski

Founder, Orthodontic Resource Group, USA


Christopher Gajewski has been in the orthodontic laboratory industry for over 30 years. He bought his own lab in 2005 in Bryn Mawr, PA. Seeing the technological tsunami on the horizon, he updated his business to be one of the first small labs in the country to be 100% digital capable. Using his background in Communications from the University of Miami, he began writing and lecturing to help other labs do the same.

 Working with the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas (DLAT), he first helped them expand their conference to include more orthodontics and then, in 2017, formed the Association of Orthodontic Laboratory Professionals (AOLP). Later renamed the Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG), the social media group and conference has attracted technicians and doctors from around the world.

 In 2020, Chris was named “The Educator” in The Journal of Dental Technology’s “Who Hot” edition.  Gajewski has used social media to spread awareness about orthodontic best practices. Perhaps not a popular opinion, he believes that only orthodontists should be practicing comprehensive orthodontics. He has spoken and campaigned publicly against the DIY Orthodontic companies that sprang up on the heels of Invisalign, penning an editorial: “DIY Orthodontics: The Dental Profession’s Frankenstein Monster.”

 Having sold his lab in 2019, he continues his role as a main contributor and educator on Quorum as well as adding his knowledge to various dental-focused Facebook Groups. His approach to dentistry is “patient first,” professionalism, and systems theory.