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Scheduled Date: Day 01, April 12  2023
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Dietitian Jill Place

Chairman & CEO at Heal Your Health Now LLC., ARCADIA, CA, USA.

Biography on her own words:

I’m Jill Place, MA, RD, CCN. I’ve been called a trailblazer in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), a beacon in CAM cancer therapy and a visionary in what I call DietSWITCH, a revolutionary new way to lose weight … that WORKS!

I can’t believe that people have called me all that! I once gave another RDN my card and she gushed, “You’re FAMOUS!” I quipped “Only in certain circles …”

But I WAS one of the very first dietitians to embrace CAM as a therapeutic tool.  Now that CAM is considered mainstream, I’ve already had years of experience working directly with CAM patients as well as writing and speaking about it. 

And with my new peer-dubbing as The GOOD GUT Queen (I have several crowns), I seem to be on the fault line of the paradigm shift to health prevention!

I began my passion for healing though nutrition by working with and for Harvey and Marilyn Diamond of Fit for Life fame.  I’m also an accomplished chef, so I did everything from co-creating recipes to troubleshooting huge seminars for them. 

My passion then led me to return to school to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  And seek advanced education in CAM, eventually becoming a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.  As well as gain psychotherapeutic training in addiction, weight loss, trauma, and eating disorders.

My intense interest in human behavior from a prior career as an actor and coach, have prepared me to treat both the person AND the problem with cutting-edge nutritional counseling.  I’ve counseled in both traditional and integrative settings and consulted to some of the top US eating disorder programs and alcohol and drug rehabs in the United States, using such diverse tools as medicine wheels, guided imagery, trauma techniques, and ritual.

As a writer, I’m featured in several textbooks; I wrote an entire chapter on CAM for Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care and an article on mushrooms and immunity for Nutrition and Integrative Therapy. I also served on the Editorial Panel for the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutritionists’ (ASPEN) Oncology Diet and Nutrition Manual.

My professional opinion is highlighted in many magazines, including Delicious Living, Weight Watcher’s, South Beach Diet Living, Natural Health, Alternative Medicine and Whole Life Times. As well as on my own website, And I’m the author of Supplement Savvy, the first user-friendly Supplement Education System.

As a speaker, I’ve been invited to talk worldwide at many venues, including the American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada, on nutritional supplements and cancer. I’ve also keynoted and cajoled many types of audiences from television to corporate America. 

And currently do the daily Good Gut Show on YouTube, which also streams to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I also man the Good Gut Group on Facebook. I DO believe that THE Secret to GREAT HEALTH is a GOOD GUT!

Abstract Title:

You Can Lead a Person to Good Eats… But You Can’t Make Them Bite.