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Scheduled on: Day 01, December 05, 2022
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Dr. Dar Radfar

DDS DASBA, Rad Health Inc, Miami, USA


Dr. Dar Radfar DDS, DASBA has treated over 7500 sleep patients over the last 20 years of practice. He himself fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his car into a tree, later being diagnosed with sleep apnea. His passion to help people sleep better has led to discovering how supplements and oral appliances can help people sleep better, snore less and have more energy throughout the day. He received a doctoral degree from the University of Southern CA, and is a Diplomat of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. He has done over 200 lectures on Sleep apnea, Insomnia and Snoring and is excited to share all his findings.

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How to get best sleep of your life.