Category of Presentation:  Speaker
Scheduled on: Day 01, December 05, 2022
Schedule of Talk: Will Update Soon !!

Dr.Nisa Demircan

Izmir Institute of High Technology, Turkey.



Nisa Demircan presently pursuing her scientific studies as an MSc Std at Dept of Bioengineering, İzmir Institute of High Technology, TR. Earlier, she worked as a Clinical RA at Bursa Uludag University (BUU) Animal Hospital, TR. Also, she has worked as an Official Farm Animal Veterinarian in Europe’s Largest Dairy Farm (Ata-Sancak Dairy Farm) for 1 year as well as completed doctoral studies successfully (all but dissertation) at the Dept of Ob-Gyn. She received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in Veterinary Science in the year 2018 from BUU with a Specialization in Farm Animal Health and Breeding. As an Animal Scientist and a Veterinarian, her research prime objective is to bridge the gap between biology, modern engineering, and animal sciences; to learn the solution to medical and research problems with the fine analytical mind of an engineer.