Category of Presentation:  Keynote Speaker
Scheduled Date: Day 01, April 12,  2023
Schedule of Talk: Will Update Soon !!

Dr. Rosa Palmeri

Associate Professor of Food science and technology, University of Catania, Italy


Dr. Rosa Palmeri, Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology, is Associate Professor, for the disciplinary-scientific sector AGR/15 Food Science and Technology at the University of Catania, where she carries out research activity on the application of enzymes, produced by microorganisms and plant extracts, in the food sector; characterization of enzymes through spectrophotometric assays and electrophoretic techniques; valorization of waste products for the production of bioactive compounds to be used for the fortification of foods. She is a co-author of more than 75 scientific publications in national and international journals and on conference proceedings. She has participated as component to several international, national and regional projects, and to date she is responsible for the University of Catania of the Projects on “Piano per la ricerca 20016-18 - Linea di intervento 2: Dotazione ordinaria per attività istituzionale dei Dipartimenti”. She received the Unido ITPO Italy International Award 2015 "Innovative Ideas and Technologies for Agribusiness". Project title: "Enhancement of prickly pear fruits for an environmentally sustainable and quality production".

Abstract Title:

Agri-food wastes as tool for the formulation of functional foods.