Prof. Lev V. Eppelbaum

Organizing Committee Member - ICPCG 2023

Prof. Lev V. Eppelbaum

Research Professor

Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Prof. Lev V. Eppelbaum is a Research Professor in the Dept. of Geophysics, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel. He is also the Honorary Professor of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry.

His research interests includes: Tectonics and geodynamics reconstructions with application of potential geophysical field analysis and paleomagnetic examination, 3-D modeling of gravity and magnetic fields, Interpretation of potential (gravity, magnetic, thermal and self-potential) and quasi-potential (VLF-field, Induced Polarization) fields under complex environments, Integrated geophysical data analysis, Nonlinear geophysics, Marine geophysics, Archaeological geophysics, Environmental geophysics, etc.

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