Category of Presentation: Speaker
Scheduled Date: Day 01, April 17  2023
Schedule of Talk: Will Update Soon !!

Prof. Noemi Tirado Bustillos

Professor Emeritus Researcher,
Universidad Mayor de San Andrés,


Dr. Noemi Tirado Bustillos presently is Professor Emeritus Researcher at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés; Head of the Toxicological Genetics Unit and Head of the research area of the Institute of Genetics – Faculty of Medicine of UMSA.

President of the Latin American Association of Environmental Mutagenesis, Carcinogenesis and Teratogenesis (ALAMCTA). Member of the steering committee of the IAMG. Active member of the “Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)”.

She is the coordinator and principal investigator of projects in the areas of Environmental Toxicology and Toxicological Genetics: health effects from exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, radioisotopes, and other environmental pollutants; She is also an invited speaker at national and international congresses and events. She has received several national and international awards in the area of Toxicological Genetics.

Abstract Title:

Resilience mechanism to face the effects of climate change.