Terms and Conditions

Conference Registration
Aspirants who are willing to attend LUMIMINDS conferences can confirm their slots in their respective categories by registering to the conference. We provide three modes of payment gateways for completing the registration process.

Payment Modes
Bank Transfer

Registration Confirmation/Payment Receipt
Once the registration is received from the participant, confirmation is sent to the respective registrant immediately via e-mail.
Payment receipt will be sent in 24 hrs after the payment is done/confirmation received from the Bank

Official Invitation Letter
Conference Organizers will sent an Official Invitation Letter, once the registration process is completed. This invitation letter can be used for applying VISA and for applying funds from their respective Universities or Institutions.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
All cancellation requests must be sent in writing via e-mail to the finance secretary;
The refund policy will be strictly based on the below criteria and no further discussions will be accepted. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Before 90 days of the conference date, the Registrant is eligible for 100% refund with deduction of 100$ towards processing/service charges.
All the cancellation requests placed within 90 days of the conference date will not be refunded, but provision to transfer the amount to next upcoming conference.
All the requested refunds under Refund policy only, will be made after the completion of the conference.
Note: Expected time will be 7 days of the completion of the conference

Accommodation Cancellation
As conference organizers we hire hotels for respective time towards conference venues and for providing accommodation for our delegates.
Therefore we request all the participants who booked especially accommodation, contact us as early a possible maximum with in 30 days of the conference dates for any cancellation or for any changes in the arrival. This is because , hotels will have their own cancelation policies. Hence LUMIMINDS will advice the cancellation policy of respective hotel, prior to cancelling or amending your booking, to ensure you are fully aware of any non-refundable deposits.

Registration Transfer
Due to sudden unfavorable or busy schedule, registration can be transferred to their colleagues by taking prior confirmation from the respective conference manager by writing an email that includes the substituent name, affiliation, Participation category.

Confirmation will be sent by modifying the payment receipt with necessary changes. The substitute participant has to carry this payment receipt to the conference.

For more details contact:  contactus@lumiminds.info

Registration Postponement

Due to sudden unfavorable or busy schedule, Registrant speaker/delegate can transfer his/her registration to any one of the related LUMIMINDS conferences with in one year. 

Conference / Program Amendments

Any changes in the conference schedule will be notified immediately to all the registered attendees via by e mail or will be displayed in the respective conference websites. So, we request to plan accordingly.

Conference amendments will be only due to natural calamities or sudden terrorist explosions. At this point Conference dates will be changed to alternate dates or conference venue may be changed under severe circumstances. As these situations are unexpected, we request all the speakers/delegates to cooperate with us. No refund will not be granted at these circumstances. Due to change in the schedule or venue, some speakers/delegates may unable to attend to the alternate dates/venues.  We can understand the busy schedule of the speakers/delegates, so we give a chance to attend any of our conference related to your core area. We will transfer your registration to the respective conference of your interest. No extra charges will be collected, only need to pay for accommodation if the venue is been changed. And coming to program amendments, once after the final scientific program is been shared to all the attendees, some changes may be taken considerations from the speaker before the commencement of the conference. Considerations like, flight delay, early check in etc, at this point presentations order will be changed and will be notified to all by the conference chair/ Moderator before starting of the conference. Request to cooperate with us.

Data Protection
Submitted Abstracts received from the respective speaker will only be published after strict review process by our reviewers in our final scientific program book and in conference proceedings. Presentation of the Speaker will be asked by the organizers before or at the time of conference schedule only because to copy into the Desk top/Laptop to avoid time. Once the presentation is done, with the request of the Speaker, presentation slide will be deleted from the organizers system. Or else, Speaker may use their personal lap top at the time of conference with prior confirmation from the Conference Manager. We LUMIMINDS assure to all the Speakers that scientific research data will not be published or used by us until we have a exact confirmation from the Speaker.

Privacy Policy
Registered Speaker/Delegate for LUMIMINDS conferences personal information will not be shared to any one by any means of media. Except, LUMIMINDS as the conference organizer has the right to use the Speaker/delegate profile/affiliation information in all the supporting links and websites of LUMIMINDS for promotional purpose of the conferences only. Other than this, no means of sharing the information of the Speaker/delegate is completely against the law and the concerned person can avail Privacy policy protection rights.

LUMIMINDS conferences cannot be held liable for any loss, liability or damage to personal property.

Keeping in view of strict procedures by the respective immigration offices due to security reasons, we request you to go for VISA process immediately once you register for the conference. Necessary documents for VISA processing viz., Official Invitation Letter and Hotel Venue Confirmation letter will be provided by the Organizers. Except these two documents, no other official assistance will be provided from the organizers.

Travel – Health Insurance
Registration fee will not include any kind of insurance. It is the sole responsibility of the delegate to arrange appropriate insurance cover prior to attend the conference.