About WCTM 2022

LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS glad to announce our upcoming World Congress on Traditional Medicine – WCTM 2022 which will be held on August 15-16, 2022 Virtually.

The theme of the conference is Delving the Potential of Natural Products for Healthy Living.

Due to the present Ukraine War Emergency and still continuation of Covid-19 restrictions in many countries, most of the speakers are not willing to attend the conference physically in Paris. Therefore, in view of our Speaker’s safety, forcibly the Organizers had to convert the conference to Virtual mode, which is scheduled for August 15-16, 2022, via Zoom Meet.

We take great pleasure in inviting all Academicians, Scientists, Young Researchers, Students, Natural Therapists, Natural Products Chemists, Traditional medicine and Alternative medicine practitioners, Botanists, Naturopathy Doctors, Homeopathy and Ayurveda Doctors, Herbalists, and Business professionals pertaining to natural medicine across the world for our upcoming WCTM 2022 to witness and participate in highly professional scientific discussions and sessions.

Traditional medicine can be defined as the health practices or approaches or knowledge of incorporating plant, animal and mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises applied especially to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses. Before the era of modern medicine, Plants were used in traditional medicine practices. Before 3000 BC, medicinal uses of plants were explained by Chinese and Egyptians. As well some parts of Africa and America used herbs for treatment of many diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of people worldwide depend on herbal therapy in part of their treatments. In Germany, physicians prescribe 70% of the plant origin products for treatments and around 600 to 700 plant based drugs were available. About 80% of Africans and Asians use traditional medicinal practices for various treatments than Europe and Americans. Herbs are also used in home-remedies, spices and in healthy diet systems by millions of people in India. in India, herbal drugs were used in the forms of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga. Clear evidence was noticed in the cure of various diseases by the usage of herbal products. Availability, low cost, less side effects and effective results comparatively are the advantages of natural medicine practices Therefore in the present year’s worldwide usage of herbal products in medicine was increased drastically.

Hence, LUMIMINDS CONVENTIONS laid a global networking platform for all the natural therapy experts to address the importance of traditional medicine practices in the treatment of various chronic diseases. and with possible solutions.  WCTM 2022 will definitely be the best platform to share, learn, expose your research, interact, for collaborating, and for research and business development.

WCTM 2022 will have Invited Talks/Keynote Talks, Scientific Sessions, Workshops, Poster Presentations, Exhibitions, B2B meetings, and Young Research Fellow (YRF). In this session, all the students pursuing a doctoral degree are eligible to participate and the best paper presenter will be awarded Young Research Fellow (YRF) Award.

Abstract submissions are open and therefore request you all to submit the abstracts at the earliest before the early bird dates.

Abstracts are published in the related international proceedings journals providing DOI issued by Cross Ref.

We accept full length articles that will be published in the Special issue of the conference proceeding journal.


Hope you all join and make the most exciting event of the year a grand successful.




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